Control de Infecciones
Control de Infecciones

Control de Infecciones
Control de Infecciones

Infection Control

At our CDE the most important thing is your health and that of your family. That is why we follow an established protocol to control infections.

All of the instruments that we use in your mouth follow a series of processes for their complete and total disinfection and sterilization.

• The instruments are submerged into a hospital antiseptic liquid (antibenzil) for 20 minutes
• Then the instruments are taken out and submerged into a medical ultrasound that eliminates any blood and saliva residues, and through enzymatic solutions, they kill bacteria, pseudomodas, viruses, etc.
• The instruments are then rinsed and washed with soap and a brush, they are dried and packaged into special pouches that have sterilization indicator tape to verify their proper sterilization
• The pouches are put into an autoclave to be sterilized with humid heat for an hour.

Additionally, all work surfaces are disinfected before each patient goes in.

• Trays have disposable pouches holding the instruments
• Work surfaces are disinfected using Lysol and enzymatic substances that eliminate bacteria, viruses, etc.
• The cuspidor is washed with water, soap, chlorine, and disinfecting foams
• The surfaces that have contact with gloves or saliva have disposable attachable barriers that are changed after each patient´s visit

We also use disposable materials only once, such as disposable cups, ejectors, gloves, masks, gauzes, needles, etc.